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15-24 July 2019

Art Pavilion in Cracow Old Town at Holy Spirit Square


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How to start?
1.    Fill the entry form
2.    Submit portfolio (a single selected piece of work (the most important achievement) in the field of architecture and urban planning.)
3.    Pay the fee -  €50 (conversion to dollars or zlotys at the day rate). The payment should be made together with the submitted portfolio. The deadline is: 31.03.2019
4.    The results of the qualifying procedure will be announced within two months before the start of Summer School
5.    The fee for persons not qualified for the Summer School will be returned within 30 days of the announcement of the list of participants
6.    Please find more information in the tab Rules/Regulations

The main purpose of Summer School is to support the formula based on the achievements and the strategy of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology, in compliance with the contribution of the individual faculties together with the practical and theoretical output of its employees. The profile of the Summer School is a response to the demand of the Polish architectural market and its expectations regarding the quality of teaching at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology. The purpose of establishing Summer School is also to deepen and continue the long-standing relations of our staff with domestic and foreign academic centers and to maintain cooperation with their lecturers.

Direct effect of education at Summer School shall be regarded as the design work which ends with a presentation (an exhibition) and an accompanying certificate of course completion. Results of the education include as well deepened knowledge about the profession of an architect, knowledge gained through a contact with architectural practice, site visits, and acquaintance with the work in architectural offices.

Summer School classes are an extension of courses conducted at national and foreign faculties of architecture. The basic formula of the summer course is thinking about the problems of contemporary architecture and urban planning, as well as understanding and interpreting the matter of architecture. The workshop educational system of Summer School provides support for the program's implementation by lectures and presentations of professors from Polish and foreign academic centers, experienced architects, industry representatives and technologists.

The theme of all editions of Summer Schools Faculty of Architecture Cracow University of Technology is the motto Architecture as an experience of Space. This year's workshop topic is: Art Pavilion in Cracow Old Town at Holy Spirit Square

Summer School is implemented as part of the project
Cracow University of Technology Development Program for 2018-2022.
Co-financing of the project by EU: PLN 18 048 774,96


Duration: 15-24.07.2019
Location: Faculty of Architecture Cracow University of Technology
Fee: 50 euro
Credits ECTS: 5 pts

Faculty of Architecture
Cracow University of Technology
Warszawska 24, 31-155 Krakow, Poland